December 17, 2010

Reagan's Christmas Party

Whooo Hooo!!

Today was the last day of school before Winter Break! My kids had their final NWEA Reading test and we spent the rest of our 1/2 day watching The Polar Express and exchanging gifts. Such a good day.

Reagan had a good day too! It was his class Christmas party. Since I couldn't get away, my mom was kind enough to go and snap some pictures!

And Santa even came!

Mom said that Reagan was the bravest in the class and went right up to Santa. He still looks a little concered though!

On another note... Last week my parents took Reagan to an ASU basketball game and he got to take his picture with their mascot Sparky. This was a picture my mom took. Such a cutie!


Victoria said...

nothing like a child at Christmas! It really makes your heart swell with love!

Jamie said...

Reagan is SO cute...I just love his hair :)

Mrs. Fine said...

That's great that your Mom could go and take photos for you! I think I say it every comment, but he sure is a cutie! :-)