December 19, 2010

All aboard our weekend....

Yahoo... My first weekend of winter break!!

Saturday night we went to the Railroad Park with my family to see Santa and take a train ride through the Christmas lights. It was insanely busy but well worth it. Reagan had a ball, except for the fact that he really wanted to run free throughout the park and not be held.

Here are some pictures:

Reagan with his new Santa Elmo my sister brought him to dinner.

At last .... ELMO!!
He was in heaven. Playing cousins
Special time with Papa
Family pic

On the train...checking out the lights

All aboard!

This year's picture with Santa! Such a cutie.
It's fun to compare this year's pictures with last year's... Click here to see:
Today was a very relaxed day. We got up and went to church and then came home and vegged out in our sweats all day. Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! 1 more week until Christmas- too fun!


star said...

How fun! Reagan is so adorable! Where is this Railraod Park at?

Anonymous said...

The look on Reagan's face in the Shrek picture is too cute, kinda "who is this guy!?" Adorable family pic. Looks like a fun and festive holiday weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your winter break to the extreme!! :)

Jamie said...

What a FUN weekend! Reagan looks like he had so much fun :) Enjoy the rest of your break!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I am your mom's friend, Mona, from forever ago. The pictures are beautiful. What a sweetie pie. So glad that you are enjoying this time with Reagan....nothing will ever compare with it. Have a special to you all!