December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Week

This week in our class has been Gingerbread Week.
I always love this week ... Such fun!
Here are some of my favorite gingerbread books!

During the week my kids make gingerbread house cards for their families, decorate gingerbread men, illustrate gingerbread houses and "catch" a gingerbread baby in them, and write imaginative stories about catching gingerbread men.

We end the week with a grade level gingerbread celebration. The kids made gingerbread houses and had THE BEST TIME.

Check out the aftermath.... thank goodness for parent volunteers!


Mrs. Fine said...

Mandy, your students and parents looked incredibly engaged -- what a wonderful ending to the week you gave them! Have a great weekend! :-)

Jamie said...

How CUTE! I just know they had a blast!