October 26, 2010

Halloween Books

Between school and home I have been reading a lot of Halloween books.
Reagan has a few favorites in constant rotation from his Halloween book basket.

Here is a picture of his Halloween book basket.

Here are a few of his favorite books this holiday season.

If you have a little one, you may want to check out these titles. Reagan loves the colors, textures, and rhymes in these books. Happy Reading!


Megan said...

You gave us Five Little Pumpkins when Noah was born. :) We still love it! I remember it from when KAITLIN was little, I think!

Jamie said...

I love that he has a Halloween basket! Does he have other baskets for different holidays and seasons?

Mrs. Fine said...

Fun! I always liked "The Night before Halloween." :-)

Lauren said...

You inspired me and I got on Scholastic.com during my conference and ordered them plus some more of my favorites!! : ) Thanks!!