October 15, 2010

Day 5 of Fall Break

Today was a great girls day spent with my sister Meg and Mom. Mom and Dad just got back into town from a week in Georgia and we were so happy to have her home.

Here are two pictures Nick took before we left.

First we went to Babies R Us to buy some baby gifts for our cousin. (She has already had her sweet little boy and we are so excited to go and meet him in a couple of weeks.)

Then we went to Kierland Commons for some shopping and lunch. We had some yummy sushi at Ra and had lots of fun shopping at Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie, and Fransescas.

After Kierland we drove to the mall where we did more shopping and laughing.

At one of the jewelry shops we found these tiny hats. Did you guys see the SNL skit a few weeks ago about the "tiny hats"? We were dying and had to try them on.

After the mall we got some frozen lemonade and ran a few more errands. Such a fun day with my two favorite girls! Love you Meg and Mama!


Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun girls day!

Mrs. Fine said...

The hats are great! I do hope one of you bought one?!