October 11, 2010

Day 1 of Fall Break

After a fun weekend, I didn't have to wake up for school. Yahoo!
I still got up at the same time, but it was nice knowing I could lounge around and catch up on some episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. (Love those girls, but can't believe Kourtney wanted to get preggo again with that jerk!.... Moving on...)

Reagan and I drove to the dr. for his 18 month check up.

Here are some details:
He weighed 28 lbs (78th percentile).
He measured 34 in (90th percentile).

So , he gained 2 lbs and 2 inches in 3 months.

The dr was really impressed with his social skills and how active he was. He saw football in our little boy's future (music to Nick's ears!) I got him a flu shot but he didn't need any vaccines at this appt which was a plus. After a Buzz sticker was given to my little Toy Story fanatic, we were on our way.
We then drove downtown to meet Nick at his work. I haven't brought Reagan to his work ever, so the ladies he works with were getting quite antsy to see him in real life. Reagan ran all around the office and even started dancing when a circle of the ladies formed...he is such a ham.

Nick then took us to lunch at Macayos. Yum! I love me some Mexican food!

Then Reagan and I drove home for naptime.
After naptime we ran some errands and ended up at the park for a little fun.
Reagan had a ball swinging and sliding. It was so interesting to see all the moms that were hanging out at the park. Being a working mom I feel like I never see/hear this. They were talking about all of the Halloween activities around our neighborhood. It kind of made me wish I were a part of something like this. I really need to be better about reaching out to other moms in my area. Anyway. It was a great first day of break. Happy Fall!


Jamie said...

He looks so grown up in that first picture!

Glad you had a great first day of fall break :)

Mrs. Fine said...

Reagan looks absolutely fantastic and ready sitting up for his doctor's appointment...his facial expression is priceless! Enjoy Fall Break! :-)