July 14, 2010

What a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Im such a happy camper today!!
My mom, sis and I went shopping with Reagan today.... We basically just went out to check out some new stores and I got lucky!! I got a new painting from Kirklands for over our fireplace/mantle, a new lantern from Pier 1, and a new phone!! Whoohoo!!

Do any of you all have this phone? I have heard good things!

And Im in the best mood right now. So like ten minutes ago I was getting Reagan ready for bed and asked him for a kiss. He usually blows a kiss or just presses his open mouth again mine (haha).... but this time, the little cutie really did it. He puckered up and went in for a smooch. I about died! Nick was right there and saw it and immediately asked for one. Nothing beats a baby's kiss!


littledaisymay said...

That is just so sweet! My hubby has a Droid and he loves it so I'm sure you'll like yours :)

A Wedding Story said...

I would love to know how the phone is. We wanted to wait for the iPhone to someday come to Verizon but I'm thinking that it's not gonna happen.

Victoria said...

Love you Mandy!!! Am glad you are enjoying your phone! I really love mine!

Tarryn said...

That is too cute with the kisses!