July 11, 2010

Movie Madness!

I grew up in a movie-crazy family. We went to the theaters at least once a weekend growing up and had all the movie channels. Each holiday we would go see the new movies. But then life changed a little when we got married. We had to split holiday time in half which usually meant Nick and I passed on the movies with my family and went to see his side of the family instead. And then came Reagan..... And trips to the movie theaters became pretty rare!

I haven't been to see a movie in the theater since December!
So this weekend was very ex-c-i-ting!
(Picture me saying this in an Oprah-like voice)

Friday night my parents called and offered to come over Saturday night to babysit Reagan while we had a date night. This was so perfect. They came over around 3:30, played with Reagan, took him out to dinner (they have a car seat for him in one of their cars), bathed him, and put him to bed. All while Nick and I had some alone time! We went to see "Grownups". It was HYSTERICAL! If you haven't seen it, DO IT! When we left, Nick and I were totally amped to do this kind of trip with our friends when we all have kids. After the movie we went to RA for some yummy sushi. We came home to a sleeping baby and caught up on some DVR.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Today I went to see Twilight Eclipse with my sister and friends Lisa and Sarah. It was so good! I'm still unsure which "team" I'm on... They are both super sexy to me!

Have a great week everyone! XXOO


littledaisymay said...

How sweet of your parents to watch Reagan :) We saw Grown Ups too and it was pretty funny!

Jenny said...

I totally went back and read that sentence in an Oprah-like voice -- hilarious! I want to see Grown-Ups so bad. Glad you finally got to the movies, twice!

star said...

♥Team Edward♥

Edward is just gorgeous!