July 7, 2010

Reagan is 15 months

Today we had Reagan's 15 month dr. appt.
Here are the stats:
Weight: 26 lbs (68 percentile)
Height: 32 in (76 percentile)
Head Circ.: 52 percentile

She said he looked great. His ears were clear and looked good (yay!). He was doing a good job with 1 nap a day, drinking lots of milk, loving to brush his teeth, and very active. She did give us a mission before his next appt --- loose the binkie! She said she noticed that he was quite dependent on his binkie and could tell just by looking at his front teeth! Yikes! So we are going to try and get him to just use it in the crib at first.... and then hopefully stop cold turkey.
Any advice from you mommies out there in blog land?
How did you get your babes to loose the pacifier?

After the appt we had lunch and went shopping. I felt badly that he had to get 4 shots, so I let him pick out a toy at Target.... he picked this out- (of course!)

I am loving that it is summer vacay! But I cant believe school starts in 1 month! At Target today I saw the "back to school" section... I had both excitement and nerves.... haha .... Not the kind of nerves you would expect... I kept thinking, "Crap.. I should buy all this stuff now before the cute stuff runs out!"

Ok... I need to go itch my feet... I took Reagan outside to play before bed... and I stepped on an ant hill and got bitten all over!! OUCH! Better me than him, but I feel like chopping off my feet! Gross!


littledaisymay said...

Reagan always looks SO cute! I can't believe school starts back in a month either!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

haha, sorry about the ants, yikes! Reagan is so cute! What a brave boy to get 4 shots in one day!! Summer really is flying by, especially being cooped up in my office all day :( Enjoy some AZ sunshine for me while you can!!

the pink prep said...

hey there!
Just saw your comment and this post. First of all, Reagan is adorable!! But advice for getting rid of the binky? I tried EVERYTHING. From mailing it to the passy fairy, to having her come and take them away, to putting one in a build-a-bear! I wish I would've tried to break the habit sooner, because i had no idea how dependent my daughter would become. This is embarassing, but the pacifier actually changed the shape of her pallette, and was (argh!) forming a beak-like shape! The dentist assured me it would go back, and it did (thank goodness!)
best of luck to you -- i'm a new follower, so i can't wait to hear your updates!

Megan said...

So glad things sound like they are going great!!! I don't have any first hand paci advice, but one of my friends cut a little tip off of it so it wasn't as satisfying to suck? I don't know if that would work... but it might be worth a shot! Reagan is as cute as ever, we need to try and get the boys together again before school starts, or even just a lunch date between the two of us (my family is coming to town and could watch my boys. :))

vtiepelman said...

I know it is going to be a living hell for a few weeks getting rid of the binky, (I have heard the boy scream!) but you are going to be soooo much better off doing it now, rather than later. It is really really hard when they are older. Hang in there. I am very proud of you. You are a SUPER mom! Love you!

TeachingInHeels said...

I saw all the school stuff at Target and thought...too early! And then realized it starts in one month!! I can't believe it!!

Adorable Reagan as always :)