February 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

So , for today's installment of the Valenine's Day extravaganza, we are asked to talk about our wedding and our favorite moments from it.... so here goes!
I was always one of those girls who dreamed of their wedding day. I couldnt wait to wear a princess dress, get all fancified, get married to my prince charming, and be surrounded by family and friends. After Nick and I got engaged (sorry I missed this day's entry ladies... but long story short it was Easter Sunday in 2005), my mom and I immediately started planning. We set the date for the following March- perfect Arizona weather (or so we thought).

We took tours of various resort and reception areas and decided on a resort so that my friends and family wouldnt have to drive anywhere after a long night of partying - they could just walk up to their rooms. We picked a large courtyard within the resort as the wedding ceremony site and picked the ballroom for the reception. I went to one bridal shop (the same one we had purchased my Cotillion gown from) and I immediately fell in love with a Romona Kevesa gown. It was huge and weighed a ton, but I couldnt wait. I got very long veil, got the princess jewelry , and the perfect Stuart Weitzman shoes. I knew it was going to be perfect. My flowers and linens would be various shades of pink (my favorite) and every little detail was covered.

But then, the day of the weddinng...... we wake up to pouring rain. It hadnt rained in Scottsdale in over 160 days and it chose to absolutely pour on our wedding day. I can remember everyone being frantic but not trying to upset the bride..... the resort was awesome and moved the wedding ceremony into a different ballroom. The florist was amazing and somehow made the ballroom look even better than I imagined the original plan to be. I can remember my mom driving us through sheets of rain to go get our hair done. (I think while we were all doing this, the boys were in the wedding suite drinking...typical).

Anyways- even with all the rain it was the perfect wedding.
The ceremony was intimate as I walked down the isle with my dad to a Spanish guitarist. My husband and I recited our vows (barely- I was a sobbing mess). The reception was equally fantastic. The florist/designer was amazing. He created candelabras for us and even named them after my mother ("The Victorias") haha... The DJ was perfect and evewryone from my 3 year old niece to my 88 year old grandaddy were dancing.

Here are some pictures and more memories!


One of our tables and the candelabras

You may now kiss the bride
Cutting the cake

Surprising Nick with his "Greenbay Packer" groomscake

Some of Nick's fraternity brothers singing to me
My dad giving his perfect toast

Every bride's favorite pic- How manybridesmaids does it take to go potty?
With my beautiful bridesmaids


Jen said...

What a beautiful wedding :)

Lulu said...

I *knew* I adored your dress for a reason- I wore Romona too! Great minds think alike, no? ;)

Alissa said...

These are all beautiful pictures! What an amazing day! Wow that cake is huge!

vtiepelman said...

aauugghhh! I am instantly back to that beautiful wedding and reception! Seeems like yesterday! love you! Mom