February 2, 2010

Today I linked up to this fun Tuesday question... My top 2 movies of all time!

I love lots of movies... but chick flicks are def the way to my heart!

1. Fried Green Tomatoes

I love, love ,love this movie... I still can remember the day my family saw it in the theater- and we couldnt stop talking about it... (I was def in grade school)! I also remember walking out and the usher saying "The secret is in the sauce".. Classic.. I bought it when it came out on video and watched it all the time..... It is still a fave of mine and has so many good scenes... I def have moments I wish I talk like Idgie. A side tidbit- when we were younger- my mom got a personalized plate to say "Towanda!"
2. My second favorite is Love Actually. This is another one I could watch over and over. I love the characters, the love story, and the music. This is definately one that gets busted out every Decemeber!

On a side note- how hilarious is this picture? This was Reagan after dinner tonight!

Good thing its a bath night!


New Mommy!!! said...

What a sweetie cakes!! Love your blog!! I too love Love Actually. Fried GT, I remember is good too, but haven't seen it for a while.

I turn 30 in April, ugh!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Love your picks!!! Reagan looks too cute!

A Wedding Story said...

Love Actually is one of my fav's too. SO good! Love all of the characters!