February 15, 2010

My Valentines Weekend

How was your Valentine's weekend?

Ours was great!
Friday was a fun day to be a first grade teacher. We read valentines books, played games, sang songs, and exchanged cards. My kids were very thoughtful and random- but it makes it even more fun!

Saturday we met my parents and sister Meg at a great little restaurant called Liberty Market. We ate lots and laughed as Reagan at his blueberry pancakes for the first time.

Reagan with his present from Aunt Meg
Reagan and his Paka at breakfast

Then my mom and I drove to visit my friend Megan from the blog "Just One of the Boys" . She and I have been friends since we were in 6th grade and basically lived at each other's houses growing up. She just added another little boy to her family- baby Owen. He is precious and I was in love holding a baby so small!

Saturday night Nick and I got a call from my parents inviting us over to BBQ at their house on Sunday for lunch. They said they had a house they wanted to show us too. This was pretty out of the blue.... we always knew we would love to move to Scottsdale. My family and I are incredibly close and I always longed to live closer to them again. Turns out there was a house in their neighborhood that just went on the market for a short sale. The woman who owned it was an interior decorator had done some amazing things to the inside.

Sunday We ate a yummy lunch and enjoyed the beautiful AZ weather! We took some pictures and then walked down to the potential house. It is within a coldisac(sp?) so its not on a busy road - great for little Reagan! Also because it is on a coldisac the backyard was huge. It had a big grass area and lots of rocks for the dogs. It also had a large patio area where we could totally picture Reagan with a little basketball hoop and tricycles. (aww) So... we ended up putting a bid on the house and are waiting to hear. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! And I will keep you posted!

Today (Monday) Nick and I both have off work for President's day. We decided to take Reagan to his sitter's so we could celebrate each other and just be together. Sometimes you just need time without the baby to spend quality time with your hubby. We have had a lazy morning. Nick made me breakfast. We are going to go get our wedding rings cleaned and then have sushi for lunch. Honestly, not sure what else is in store- but just soo excited to spend time with my love.
I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and feel as loved as I do.


Alissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love all your random little presents, that's so sweet of them to think of you.

Jenny said...

What a nice weekend! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys get the house! Keep us updated!

Megan said...

It was a great weekend for me too, seeing you guys! i am really excited about the house news, and I think you and Nick are so smart for taking a day to yourselves! I'm already thinking that something like that will be in order once Owen gets older. :)

That one girl said...

Okay, is the short sale the house you are talking about? Good luck!!! I mean it with every fiber of my being! If you DID bid on the short sale, really keep your eyes out for other houses that are NOT short sales. March will be 8 months we have been in escrow for our short sale and the further we get into it, the worse it gets or the more hoops we have to jump through. It can get incredibly frustrating but I think our story might be a little crazier than most short sales! You have to keep me updated!!!!

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! Any updates or good news on your house??? Yes, we did bid on the short sale... thanks for the well wishes! I will keep you posted for sure!!