February 28, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Hi everyone!

Hope you have had a good weekend so far! Ours has been a mix of busy and relaxing- perfect!

Friday night we went out to dinner at Red Robin. Now that Reagan is a noisy little bugger we figured we should go to a "family friendly" place. It was packed and they barely squeezed Reagan's high chair in .... he was so close to the table next to us he might as well have been sitting with them! He kept turning around and offering them his cheerios and toys. They were a sweet older couple (thank goodness) and ate him up. They offered him a french fry and played with him. I was beet red that he kept turning around and clearly prefered to be at dinner with them than with his Mom and Dad! haha.. Anyways, we made it through dinner and came home to crash and burn.

Saturday morning we drove to my older sister Jocelyn's house. She had been going through her kiddos old stuff and had boxes for me to go through for Reagan and my class. Reagan got some wonderful new books for his library as did my kids. I also got a bunch of Barbies and toys for the treasure box at school. Lucky little first graders! (Thanks Joc)

Saturday afternoon we drove to Nick's Dad and Stepmoms house. Reagan got some fun GPA and GMA time and I was able to get some new baby love! Their baby Cooper just turned 3 months old and is already getting so much bigger! Here are some pictures of the boys.

I am so excited for them to grow up as best buddies!

Reagan and his Grandpa Bruce
Reagan patting his Uncle Cooper's head

Reagan and Cooper (Reagan doesnt sit still for very long!)

Today is a rainy Sunday. I woke up and started to be productive.... putting away the new goodies from Jocelyn and trying to get more old stuff ready for our garage sale (in a couple of weeks). But its so hard not to be lazy in this kind of weather. Nick went with a friend to the gun show downtown... so Reagan and I will probably just clean house and play. I have a few errands to run and report cards to do....but we'll see how that goes!
Wishing you all a Super Sunday!

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vtiepelman said...

I am glad you had a nice weekend! The rain was nice! love the new pictures! Mom