February 21, 2010

It has been awhile.... and some first grade giggles!

Sorry it has been awhile since I have last written!
It was a busy week.
Some Fun Highlights:
Weds night we met with the realtor and signed the initial paperwork for the house (the house is now in escrow)... so now we are moving on to the next step and waiting for the bank to decide. The dreaded waiting game! But fingers crossed and lots of prayers! Reagan's first top tooth popped through which alleviated lots of pressure for him. Since the tooth has popped he has been sleeping through the whole night (which is wonderful)! Reagan also has started saying "Mama" for the first time. It is so special! I seriously can't hear it enough. :) Friday night I met with my girlfriends for dinner and laughs. There is nothing better than laughing with friends. I love these girls. The rest of the weekend included me working with my first grade team on curriculum mapping and sleeping- Ive been feeling under the weather again.... I cant seem to get enough rest!
First Grade Writing
So I was reading my class' "power writes" from this past week and I couldn't stop laughing out loud. Power writes help prepare them for our District Writing test when they are graded on the 6 traits of writing (in April). I know, I know- hard for 6 year olds... I completely agree! But regardless, I give power writes to have them practice writing independently for 30 minutes without help of a teacher. And here are some of the highlights from this week's power write. (The prompt was "Write a story about if you went to visit the White House).... I will leave the spelling and punctuation as is... for authenticity's sake!
I Fart by Jose
One day I went to the White House. We ate and herd a enormous fart! it stinks. I wondered if it was the presidents because it was a enormous fart? And then I saw Washington picking his nose. And Obama was useing the tolit. Abe was eating tamales. And I was farting and it was a fantastic fart! And it became a horeble day.
The Best Day by Sophia
Onec I was the president and I went swimming and I even went to the theaters. And watched the movie Bavafa. it was funny and after the movie I went to take my family for dinner at old country buffet.
The Best Visit at the Wit Hose by Anna
I swam in his pool. it was the best day avre. i evin got too go bollen (bowling). i evein soll (saw) his spesh (speech) too.
The First White House by Tanya
Once there was Brock Obomae and I met him. I sade to sleep at the white house. i herd it skairy and i feld something brithing on me. it was a goste. i ran to Brackobamae's room. He was gone. i ran to find him. He was trapped. i set up a trap. First i got some nets for I could steck up. Nets I got out some pen's. Last I got the goste. I helped the president. He was happy. The end.
The Valintine Day at the White House by Fiza
One day at the "humungous" white house! It was valintine day! I got a presdent for the presedent. He was shocked! He said in a nice voice "thank you". He gave me a present too! He mailed it to me. The present he gave me was great.
The White Housee by Maria
Once there was a white house. It was beautiful and whitish. did you know hoa lived there it was brokaboma. first i read about brokaboma he had a mother and two sisters ( i think she meant a wife and two daughters) . his mother was facktakular ( think fantastic and spectacular combined). brokaboma is hansum and sweet. he has a hansum white house. his sister is so beautiful.


That one girl said...

I like Tanya's ghost story! Congrats on Escrow! Bank owned? Is it a foreclosure?

Saralala said...

Oh my goodness! That is so cute! I remember 1st grade when it was so hard to remember how to spell correctly... those were the days!

Good thing to hear about your little baby getting his first tooth! Now you can both sleep at night : )

i'm sarah by the way, just stopping by from a mutual blogger friend of ours : )

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Too cute!!!! My mom was a 1st grade teacher for 10 years and always had the best stories!