June 13, 2012


Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Jamie
for her weekly "What I'm Loving Wednesday" 

Today I'm loving old friends.

Megan is one of my oldest and sweetest friends.
Since elementary school we have been through it all.

(At my senior year cotillion ball- Megan is in the back in blue)

(Us at Megan's wedding)

And now our little boys are great friends.
I love it.

(Our boys when we met up at Disneyland in October.)

Today we visited the splash pad with another of our friends and her little boy. They played their hearts out and then we went to enjoy some frozen yogurt.

Here's to many more years of friendship with us all! 


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

I just love sweet posts like this :)

Victoria said...

It is a great story to read, and the pictures are the best!

Megan said...

Funny -- today especially I am loving old friends too! :) Love you guys! From recess drama to who's-sitting-with-who-at-lunch drama to not-going-to-the-same-high-school sadness to wedding-planning-fun to this summer's potty-training successes --- here's to all our past (just to name a few!) and future adventures :))

Kristin said...

Just started following your blog & i adore it!
This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

follow back please & thank you!
<3 kristin