June 5, 2012

IPhone Photo Dump!

Hi guys!

I have a couple of random pictures from my phone that I realized I never posted
- so here you go-
 my first ever photo dump! 

 Reagan has been really getting into the Wii!
He and Nick like to race on Mario Kart and the Cars 2 Racing game.
Now if only I could convince them to let me get the Michael Jackson dancing game.
I really want it!

Future rock-star?

Water baby

Much of our days lately- spent on the froggy potty!

Week 1 of his responsibility chart.

Success! He got frozen yogurt as his reward!


Amber said...

What a sweet boy:) I need to do a photo dump, too!

Mommy said...

You must get the Michael Jackson game for the Wii. It is soooo fun! There are also some Just Dance for Kids games that Reagan would probably like to try!

Cute pictures! We did the 3 day potty training method with our son, and it worked great!

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