June 19, 2012

Getting ready for school.....

As you know Reagan and I are on summer vacation.
I didn't want his learning to end even though I took him out of his daycare this summer.

So I was thrilled when Lakeshore Learning contacted me to try some of their fabulous products.

We've been doing "school mornings" which include singing, abc's, counting, flash cards, puzzles, art, etc.  And today I threw in some of these awesome Lakeshore Learning products.

Below were two of the products they sent Reagan.


This pack was awesome!
As a first grade teacher I know how important the skill of sequencing is.  And I know that at age 3, Reagan would be able to start the process of sequencing. The set comes with 64 sequencing cards with scenarios that children would understand and have prior knowledge with. The cards fit into a sturdy carrying case for little hands. 

We started with the "making peanut butter and jelly sandwich" card.
Something Reagan has recently become very familiar!

He did great and felt very proud of his work.

Another cool thing about this product is that everything fits perfectly inside the pocket on the back. No big box to have to deal with!
 It was a quick clean-up and will be an easy pack for our summer vacation!


These practice books were a huge hit at our house!

The set came with 2 books that get more difficult with each page. The pages are write and wipe pages so that your child can practice again and again. The first book has many pages of practice for children to hold their dry-erase marker in the correct position and practice left-to-right directionality.  It also gets children to practice the pre-writing strokes that are so important to writing. Once your child has mastered the line/stroke practice pages, they will be ready to move on to letter formation.

Reagan really loved these practice pages. It was neat for him to see his own progression as he got better with each line. He definitely improved with the practice and even asked to do more pages when he woke up from his nap. With practice like this, he will be ready to write his letters in the second book with success! Aside from seeing how much he loved this product, I love how easy it is to clean and use again and again! 

Thanks to Lakeshore Learning for allowing us to get ready for school! 

If any of my readers are looking for summer activities to help get their little ones ready for school, I would definitely check out the links on this page and get some for yourself! 


Victoria said...

How fantastic are these tools! And how great that 1) Reagan loves them, and 2)he continues learning over the summer. I am going to have to go mover to Lakeshore and buy some to have at my house! Tha ks for the information!

Amber said...

Are you a teacher?! LOL He seems to enjoy it!!

Mrs. Mama said...

you are such a great mama! with such fun cute ideas!