June 7, 2012

Summer Time Pool Fun

We are absolutely loving summer vacation!
(Sorry for those of you in school still, hopefully you are almost done!)

We have been spending every day in the pool and some days even twice a day!

Reagan is taking swim lessons every morning at our local city pool. The sessions are 2 weeks long and we hope he can move out of this class and into the next class after next week. (He took this class last summer and didn't pass it. To pass it, he needs to be independent enough to swim without me with him.)

In the afternoons we have been going to my mom's house to swim some more. He is obsessed with the water and is at a really fun age to play with water toys.

Here are some pictures of my little water baby in action! 

 Playing with toys in his "boat".
 Trying to float with Mommy. Pretty hilarious.
 Riding his "galligator".
 My sweet niece Charlotte.
 Goggles crack me up.
 Friends having a pool party.
We love summer! 


Amber said...

Jax finally loves the pool and ours just opened so we are going to be going in the mornings to wear him out!!!

Cathy said...

That’s nice! You should spend more quality time with them as you might not be able to once summer’s over. The kids were probably afraid during their first time, but those fears went away because they felt how fun it is to be in the water. Stlll, safety first, they must never forget to wear their safety jackets.
Cathy Newman

Shona Martinez said...

I love the second to the last photo! I can also imagine my kids having a pool party like that. I can also picture how they would bond with others when they get older. I hope they stay as very good friends!
Shona Martinez