June 1, 2012

Potty Training - Days 2, 3, and 4

Well friends.
This potty training is no joke!
 It is hard work but hopefully in a few months we will be looking back and laughing. 

I'm glad my little blog/journal is helping some of you with your future potty training adventures and I truly do appreciate your comments, advice, and support! Truly!!

Let me look back to my notes.
Yes, I keep my notepad and pen next to me at all times to track times/success/failures.
You can't take the teacher out of the girl.

Wednesday, Day 2
We started the training at 7:00 am and Reagan was getting into the groove of "feeling" like he had to go and would go sit on the froggy potty. Yay! I needed to run to the library real quick at 9:00 am so I put him into his first pull-up.  At the library he said he needed to try, so in we went to the public bathroom.  It was a no go, but I was proud of him for trying.  My quick trip turned into 40 minutes looking at videos and books (my bad) . As we were walking out to the car he froze, grabbed his pull-up, and said "No! Me get a sad face!" I felt so bad. But at least he was registering.  I told him I was proud of him and that this time it was kind of my fault. 

We headed back home and took off the pull-up. Back to our naked party. At 10:50 he started hurrying to the frog potty and started to pee on the floor. He did continue in the potty though- yay! 

Lunch, one more pee pee in the potty and then nap (diaper).

He went a couple of more times in the potty that night before bed. 
All in all, a good day 2 (I think at least!)

Thursday, Day 3
Reagan slept in a little later this morning and we didn't get started until 8:00. I kept asking him if he needed to go and the answer was always "no". My phone timer went off every 45 minutes and I would have him try to use the frog toilet and / or the big toilet and every time it was with no success. It was finally 11:15 and he still had not gone. No accident but no potty. I thought this was very weird. I had already gone 6 times by now. Ha ha. Not joking.

So I decided he and I needed a distraction from all this potty training. So we got in our suits and went swimming. The second we put our feet in the water he peed in his swim diaper. Figures! After swimming we had lunch and took a nap.  After the nap he did go pee pee in the frog potty one time.  And nothing more until bed.  Does this mean he is just getting better at holding it? I was so worried he was getting a bladder infection or something!

Thursday night I went to a wine bar with friends and it was a nice distraction for me. I'm not going to lie- we did talk about potty training a little bit, but mostly gossiped and talked reality TV. Just what this mama needed. The most random part of the night was meeting two "matchmakers". We grilled them about their business. I think that would be the coolest job.

Friday, Day 4
Today we got up and went to the movies.  I bought the kids summer movie package and I am pretty excited about it.  We go once a week to the a special kids showing. It was 7 dollars a ticket (total) for like 12 movies or something! Anyways. Today was Happy Feet 2. Neither Reagan or I had seen it and we really liked it.

I put Reagan in a pull-up and we talked about how we don't want Lightening McQueen to get wet. Reagan told me 4 times during the movie that he needed to go potty. (Sorry to everyone around us! I've never been up and down in a movie so much! Oh well, the place was full of kids so I hope the parents understood.) Each time was a no-go and I think he thought going into the big potty was a fun game.  I suppose I should be happy he was trying, but come on kid- just let it out! 

After the movie we were driving home and he yelled "Oh no- me go pee!" When we got home I immediately had him sit on the potty and he peed. I do think he started in the car but he was able to cut himself off. 
The rest of the day was pretty standard- lunch, pool, nap, pee pee in potty.

Tonight we went to our friend Sarah's house and he started to poo in his pull-up.  Mid poo we sat on the toilet and he finished there. 

Long story short.... we're getting there.  
These intensive 3 days have not completely potty trained him but I think it has set a good foundation. He is going less frequently and is able to hold it until a potty.  I anticipate more accidents but hopefully less than now that we had potty boot-camp. We are not even going to try with naps/bedtime until he and I are more confident during the day. While he is around the house we will do big boy underwear but will probably do pull-ups when we leave the house for awhile. I'm not going to journal his daily progress anymore but I will keep you posted on how it is going! Thanks for reading!! 


Victoria said...

Hats off to you!!!! What a great start, and congrats on your great attitude! By the end of summer he will be a pro! Good job little mama!

Amber said...

I can remember our first movie trip while PT! We didn't use pull ups during the day so I legit carried like 3 changes of clothes everywhere with us! He went to the potty like 6 times during Cars 2! I think you are right, boys just like visiting new bathrooms! It sounds like he is doing great! You keeping notes is so teacher like! I love it! I wish our theater did a kids package!!! I sometimes really hate living in such a po dunk town. Have a good weekend!

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