June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I'm linking up for my first Friday's Letters.

Dear ant that bit me, You are making my life hell.  I'm as a bad as a kid and can't stop itching.

Dear pool time, I'm loving being in you with Reagan but what I wouldn't give for a raft and a book and some quality alone time. How I miss those days of "laying out" with a good book or magazine without being squirted with toys or asked to play. 

Dear Mandy, you better start getting your butt into gear with these babies.  You need to start planning and working on their nursery or else they will be here without anything. I know sometimes you'd rather just think you will be pregnant forever, but they will be out eventually. 

Dear Reagan, you had better start staying in your room at night or I will start locking you in. (FYI we've put up the baby gate and he just stands there and screams at us for an hour. 3 years old is an awesome age.)

Dear Hunter (our big dog), why must you insist on barking at nothing every morning at 4 am. I don't understand you and kind of want to bust out the shock collar. Yes. We have one of those.

Dear Potty Training, Keep working. We pulled out the rugs last night and I'd really rather not be cleaning up accidents off of  them in the near future. Reagan- make it to the potty!

Dear Target, Why do I always pick the slowest line? Like always.  

Dear Pregnancy, Thank you for making it acceptable to take a nap with Reagan every afternoon. I've always been a napper, but this is a fabulous excuse!


Rachel said...

Cute! I totally though about linking up today now that I finally have a day off, I'm a bad blogger! Enjoy that pool time and the naps!

Mrs. Mama said...

eeeek potty training... NOT looking forward to that!! hope you have a fabulous weekend love!

Mrs. Howard said...

Haha! This just cracks me up!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ohhh target, long lines and fake clearance and we STILL love ya ;) found you via the link up xo