June 25, 2010

What we've been up to....

Seems like awhile since I've posted.
But I have been on reading all of your wonderful blogs!
(Thanks for helping to keep me entertained!)
Let's see... not too much has been going on here.
It seems like it is hotter than you know what- so we've been trying to keep cool!
There has been a lot of this:

We just recently got Your Baby Can Read and I must say , Reagan loves it! We watch the video 1-2 times a day, read the book, and do flash cards... This week we've been really working on "mouth, nose, eyes, wave, and clap". He gets so proud of himself!
Some of this:

Music class at the library. He really was jamming out!
A lot of this:

This is really the first show Reagan has been into and really watches. This week he has really started enjoying it. He sits in his little pottery barn chair and rocks his head to the beat. This kid loves music/dancing!
Some of this:

Lunch dates with friends!

And not enough of this:

Napping! We've successfully transitioned from 2 naps to 1.... (in preparation for his "big boy class" once school starts)... but now napping has just become sporadic naps in the car or 20 minute naps in the crib before he wakes up screaming! grrr.. I was getting pretty accustomed to taking an afternoon nap while he did!

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