June 15, 2010

Adventures with the little man....

Yesterday Reagan and I drove to Tempe to meet a friend at the district office. We had some paperwork to take care and decided to grab some lunch at one of our favorite spots, Oreganos. It was quite an experience... Kate and I had lots of catching up to (she and her fam just got back from a Diseny World vacay and is preggo on top of that!) Her son, Jacob was feeling pretty shy and didn't want to take a picture. Reagan was class clown x100 . He was hollaring to everyone in the restraunt including every patron and server. I was dying. Such a charmer.

We took Reagan out of his high chair and next to Jacob at the booth. Jacob hid and Reagan looked like a dwarf... crazy pic!
We also ran to a teacher store and I got some apple stuff for the classroom... so I guess the apple-theme is a go! I spent the rest of the afternoon on a pool float at my parents house while Reagan napped inside.

Today Reagan, my mom, and I visited my Dad at his work. Reagan didn't know what to think about this work environment! He was so quiet and just watched as the secretaries fawned over him. We then kidnapped my Dad and he took us to their golf club for lunch. Again, Reagan was charming the table of old ladies. While we ate they played peekabo with their menus and napkins. It was fun for my Dad to show off the little man and for me to see my Dad so happy!


littledaisymay said...

Reagan always looks so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable!! I can see why he's a charmer.

I'd love to see pics of the classroom when it's all put together with the apple theme.

vtiepelman said...

LOVE the pics of you Reagan and your Dad!! He is such a little ham-bone that boy is!You should line up your apple stuff and take a picture for your blog. It really is going to be a fantastic classroom!

animal print gal said...

Reagan is so adorable and you look gorgeous!
Cute BLOG Too!