June 12, 2010

Random Saturday

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Today started with a visit from the exterminator. He was a lovely man (weird to write, I know..but he was really kind. When I asked him if he will be our regular service-man, he said he hoped so because he would love to watch our family grow-- I could cry!) He sprayed and gave us tips on our discovery of a fruit rat in one of our orange trees.... holy grossness- but thats a whole other story!
During Reagan's nap, I went to my parents pool and "layed out" with my sister Meg. It was a very overcast day so there wasnt much sun going on... but it was sooo good to catch up on her trip, internship, etc. Nick was home doing yardwork. It was absolutely gorgeous out!! Its June and the high was like 80 today! How random!
Tonight we decided to go to dinner at a salad bar/buffet place called Sweet Tomatoes. It was quite an experience. The place was full of older people and Reagan was in rare form. He was such a clown. He discovered a table of kids behind us and he was screaming yibber yabber at them. After each screech they would roll over laughing, which just egged him on. People from all over were checking out our section, wondering what on earth was going on. It was slightly emberassing! Then each old couple felt the need to stop by our table on the way out and comment on his hair, his demenor, etc.. He just ate the attention up. I think we have a future class-clown on our hands!
After dinner we ran to Target to get a few items and then decided to get the dogs and stroller from home and enjoy the beautiful weather on a walk. Just a beautiful night!
Lastly, I feel like Ive been reading all the new releases, or on hold for many of them at the library... so I decided to revist many of my favorite books from the past. One of my alltime fave books is "Before Women Had Wings"... I honestly couldn't remember why I loved it but knew that I always referred to it as one of my faves... I picked it up from the library and havent been able to put it down. Tonight at Target I picked up "The Happiest Toddler on the Block". Hopefully it will give me some insight and advice how to help with Reagan's tantrums and short fuse!

Has anyone read this? Thoughts?


Megan said...

I have Happiest Toddler on the Block... the guy sounds a little kooky and you feel a little silly doing his "Fast Food" method, but it really helped with Noah! omg on the fruit rat... our exterminator said he has seen a ton of *roof* rats in Scottsdale, but I didn't even think of that the other day.

Jenny said...

I was trying to think of the term roof rats the other day when you were talking about it! My friend, who lives in Scottsdale, dealt with roof rats, I wanna say last summer. But you have fruit rats - never heard of those!! Hope they're gone!

Tickled Pink said...

roof rats are the same thing !! :) gross either way... they eat the fruit trees and if they are tall enough they hop from tree to rooftop... nasty...