June 25, 2010

Another Award!!

Aww thanks!

Emily at My Heart Shaped Life just passed along another award to me!

This award asks me to list 10 random things about myself and then pass along to 10 more bloggers.... so here I go! Thanks again Emily!

1. I have a secret show addition that is totally embarrassing... Dog the Bounty Hunter. I know, I know, so white trash! But for some reason I get sucked in watching. Between him giving inspirational-backseat pep talks to convicts, his son's crazy rat-tail, or Beth's too-tight outfits and intense acrylic nails.... I find myself glued to the TV.
2. I was president of my sorority and totally ate, drank, and slept Theta for my college days.
3. My favorite color is pink and always has been. I had an all pink bedroom until I went to college. Pink and white striped bedding, pink polka dot wallpaper, pink lamps, pink cork boards, pink throw pillows-- I loved it but it seriously looked like a pepto b room!

4. I still plug my nose when I go underwater.

5. I went to Europe with a group of friends when we were in high school. Looking back, it was such an amazing trip with my best friends. We went to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the age of 15. Such memories!

6. I was prom queen in high school and I loved every minute of high school...but.... I'm NOT going back to my 10 year reunion this summer (how cliche').

7. I have still never been to Vegas. Is it weird that I'm kinda scared?

8. I never got migraines before I become a teacher... now I get them pretty regularly!

9. My house key is pink and says princess.. don't laugh!

10. Before I had Reagan, my dog Lily was a princess. She was always groomed, dressed up, and carried in perfect bags... Now, shes a little neglected!

Here is Lily at her 1st birthday party... yes, she had a party. There were dog friends, family, presents, decorations, and puppy ice cream.

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Ms. Emily Ann said...

So fun to read things things about you! I had no idea you have never been to Vegas?! And, you were a fabulous Theta President :)

Lily is adorable!!

ashleigh said...

i live in vegas; believe me it is not how the HANGOVER portrayed it hahah
i am also a teacher and never got migranes until i started teaching!

Anonymous said...

I was president of my sorority too! :)

Don't be scared of Vegas...it's too fun!

And the migranes as a teacher...I'm with you on that too.