June 13, 2010

Sunday with the Fam

Today we had a great day with my in-laws. My FIL and MIL Bruce and Lisa had us over for bbq and swimming. It was great to get the babies together to play and always good to see them. It was an overcast day so the pool was pretty cold... only the boys were brave enough to get in the water!
We came home and had some dinner and then got a wonderful surprise! My parents stopped in on their way home from the airport. They have been gone to Canada for the last week. You should have seen Reagan. He was so happy. His mouth dropped to the floor and he ran around trying to find any toy he could to bring to show his Mimi and Paka. It was very cute. After he got changed into his new nightshirt from Canada , he crashed and burned. We watched the movie, " Shutter Island"- way confusing but good. I think I will need to watch it again to understand it better.

Here are some pool pics from today:

Nick with his son, his dad, and his brother Cooper
My little water baby

My baby brother in law

My two boys :)

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