June 21, 2010

Tuesday Top-2

This week, Taylor at The Undomestic Momma, is having us blog about our

Top 2 Reality Shows that we would like to be on.

As most of you know I am a HUGE reality tv show freak.. My tivo is full of these shows... lets think of a few ( Design Star, Next Food Network Star, Toddlers and Tiaras, John and Kate ..., Bachelorette/Bachelor, All of the Real Housewives, the list goes on and on.) Another interesting bit of info you may not have known about me... When I was a sophomore in college I tried out for the Real World. I was interviewed and everything.. I was so naive and innocent then- thank goodness I didnt get casted. Could you imagine how my life would have changed? Yikes!

Okay, down to business...
I would first want to be a "Real Housewife".. I know Im not a housewife and we are not loaded rich, but I would love to go to events with girlfriends and be filmed doing fun stuff.

Okay Bravo- you know where to find me when you are filming
"Real Housewives of Scottsdale, AZ"!

Next I think it would be fun to be on Big Brother. Nick and I used to joke about how they should cast us and we would pretend we werent married... We would totally win :)

Okay, speaking of reality tv... how about The Bachelorette tonight? I seriously almost peed laughing..... I feel bad for Ali... she got some serious wackos casted for her. Like honestly, I dont think any of them are particularly hot.... and their creepiness far outweighs any positives. Kasey- really? Words can not describe what it is like watching this crazy person. And how about the guy who never makes an appearnce until tonight when he says he likes Mexican food. WTF?!


Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Stopping by from Top2Tuesday! I totally agree with you about The Real Housewives... if they ever came to my town I'd be all over it, minus the whole filthy rich thing ;) And I LOVE Scotsdale!! I'm super jealous of your sunny weather over here in the Seattle area. Cute blog, I'll be following :)

Jennifer said...

I picked the Real Housewives too. I love their show but agree about not being filthy rich. I wonder sometimes if they would be that exciting if it weren't for all the money they spend.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ahhhh!!! Love both of your picks!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on the silent crazy guy who we never even really knew was on the show until last night - what is with that?? I feel like there is always one person like that each season! Great choices for Top 2 Tuesday!