December 21, 2011


Happy Wednesday!!
It's been awhile since I've linked up with Jamie for What I'm Loving.

I'm loving that I am on Christmas break.
I'm loving lounging around in my pjs all day and napping with my sweet boy.
I'm loving that last night we went to the railroad park!
My older sister and her family were all sick with the flu so they couldn't make it.

We took pictures, rode the choo-choo, and saw Santa.

I'm loving that I get to go to Reagan's class Christmas party tomorrow. Last year it was held when I was still in school, so I couldn't go. But tomorrow I will be there with bells on!

I'm loving the book I am currently reading.
It was raved about by my friend Kelli, then my mom and sister. It took me awhile to get into, but I'm so into it now:

What are you loving today? Link up with Jamie and let us know!


Leah said...

Love the pictures from last night. You guys always find the neatest things to do in your town!

Country Girl said...

I loved The Bronze Horseman and the one that followed (don't remember the name right now).

Anonymous said...

Looks like the train outting was a success!! Enjoy that time off :) I'm loving break...if only I could actually sleep in!