December 4, 2011

December Weekends are the Busiest!


I woke up VERY early on Saturday for one of my favorite things our school does.  The last couple of years we have been chosen by the Tempe Elks to take some of our neediest kids on a shopping spree. This year we met at 7:15am at Walmart. Each child chosen got $80 to spend on clothes and $15 to spend on toys. I shopped with a little boy from my class.  We got him a bunch of new pants, sweatshirts, undies, socks, shoes plus a leggo set and a football.

(Sorry there are no pics from shopping. I was a woman on a mission!)

After shopping we went to the Elks lounge where they had crafts set up, breakfast, and Santa came.
The Santa they had this year was pretty bad. Haha. Oh well. It was the thought that counts. Santa gave each kid a new toy and the kids got to play with them while their parents came. It was a wonderful morning.

Saturday Night

That evening we got all dressed in our holiday-uglies for our friends "Ugly Sweater Party". Nick and I took some creative liberties and didn't exactly wear sweaters.  Nick copied a shirt from one of his favorite shows (It's Always Sunny in Philadephia) and sewed his own version. My man is sure becoming Mr. Martha Stewart.

I couldn't find any ugly sweaters in sizes under XXL, so I went with an ugly shirt.
I also paired it with a rocking headband, candy cane tights, and festive flip flops.

Even Reagan got into the spirit. Nick made him a very ugly sweater as well.
We had a lot of fun with friends as we celebrated the season!


Today we went with my parents to the Arizona Cardinals game.
 It was Reagan's first Cards game! Very exciting!!

 Our little football junkie was live at the Cardinal game and watching the Packers on the tv.

It was a busy but fun weekend. XXOO


Anonymous said...

Love that you got to help out neeady families!! Such a great gift for those students :)

Jenny said...

Love Nick's shirt - I LOVE It's Always Sunny, too!

Jamie said...

Y'all WERE busy! I love that your school helps out needy sweet!