December 12, 2011

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Sunday I hosted my annual cookie swap.
This was our 5th year doing it and like always, it was a delicious day!

I invited friends to bake 5 dozen cookies and bring them over.  We do a little taste-test, gab, and then everyone gets to take home some of everyone's cookies. I know all of our kids and hubbies LOVE this day each year as much as we do!

 The spread this year... there were 14 different kinds.
 These girls are such good bakers!
 Above were mine- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles.
Not as good as the ones I made last year, but I got a few votes.
 Above is the cookie that won "Overall Best Cookie".
It was a cherry and white chocolate shortbread cookie.
Simply delicious!
Above is the cookie that won for "Most Creative".
It was a Peppermint Whoopie Pie. And Lordy these must have taken Megan forever!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I was feeling pretty under the weather during the party and wasn't feeling it! If you want to see pictures from some of my past cookie swaps- check out here and here


Anonymous said...

You're the second blogger with a cookie swap! I'm jealous :) Definitely need to get one planned!!

Leah said...

I just posted my cookie swap party pics on my simply made with love blog. I made the "best cookie ever" and it won the most creative! Love the pictures!

Lauren said...

How fun!! I hope mine can grow and become as large as yours! I love the idea of awards as well! How fun!!

Jamie said...

Your truffles look like they would definitely be by favorite! Yum!