December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Week

This week was crazy busy!
 It was gingerbread week in our first grade and it was a lot of fun.

We read a lot of gingerbread books
and the kids and I compared them:
Here are the books we used:

We did the Babbling Abby Gingerbread Experiment.
What would have happened if the Gingerbread Man got wet?
The kids loved it!

 The Gingerbread Man before.
 Making predictions
 Getting him wet.
 Uh Oh!
Writing about what happened.

I changed my weekly literacy stations to
"gingerbread literacy stations".

We wrote our own gingerbread stories and
decorated paper gingerbread houses.

We wrote recipes for "smart cookies".

We made gingerbread man glypths.

The whole first grade did our
anual gingerbread house making party.
It is a fun, crazy, mess that the kids never stop talking about!

 The set-up
 My wonderful team
 Let the fun begin!

 My class with their masterpieces.

Needless to say , we were all exhausted after this fun week!


Leah said...

How cute! How many kids do you have in your class?

Tickled Pink said...

Thanks! I have 26 students.