August 31, 2013

What we've been up to in school...

I've been taking pictures of what we've been up to in school but have been terrible about actually blogging about it!  Here is a quick peek into our first 2 weeks!

Week 1

 Happy First Day gifts for my teammates. 
I got the printable here and just taped it to a pack of mints! 

And I put together a little First Day gift for my new students as well.  
I got the printable here and stapled it to a baggie of star-bursts.

We used The Inspired Apple's Jitter Juice activities and the kids had a great time (as always).
We made the juice and chased those butterflies in our tummies away.
We read the poem and graphed whether or not we liked it.

We also made these adorable first week books from Miss Kindergarten.
They turned out soooo cute!

And like most other kiddos in the first week of school, mine took many assessments so that I could see where they coming in at.  Oh the joys of BTS testing! 

I love Babbling Abby's Fun with Firsties unit and always use so many of her activities that first week of school. 

Week 2 

We started our anthology story in reading with "Ants". So of course we had to make paper ants and label the body parts.  

The kids also turned in their "Shining Star" homework that they worked on with their parents.  I was so impressed with how these turned out! The families did an excellent job! 

We also talked a lot about tallies and the kids loved making their "tally people".  This was a fun activity that my team mates had been doing and the kids loved physically moving their people into tallies. PS - don't mind the blue tape lines. My new classroom doesn't have a rug and I was teaching the kids how to sit in their straight lines.  The kids have since mastered where to sit and the tape is removed! :) 

We had a great first two weeks together. Man, we were all exhausted!
I can't wait to catch up on blogs and see what you all have been up to as well! 


Emily said...

It looks like you did so many fun activities with your firsties! You're such a great teacher! Those tally people are adorable!

robyn said...

Wow! Great stuff!! Your students are very lucky to have such a great teacher!

Lea said...

Oh, how lucky your students are to have such a fun and creative teacher. I don't know how in the world you fit it all in and do it all so well. Blessings to you!

Mrs. Howard said...

That Shining Star Project is ADORABLE!!!