August 25, 2013

"Get the Good Stuff" in School Supplies

I was so excited when the sweet people over at Dixon Ticonderoga asked me to give an honest review of some of their back to school supplies.  As a First Grade teacher and a mom of 3 I know that products that hold up with little ones is important.  

I hate spending money on school supplies that break the first second a kid gets a their fingers on them.  (You all know what I'm talking about!) I know that the Prang and Ticonderoga products last! I've used them at home and in the classroom.  So I was thrilled to add more to my stash. 

This pack included other competitor products that I could compare against the Ticonderoga and Prang products.  Trust me. I've used them all. 

 Let's start with the pencils.  Hands down. There is no comparison.  The Ticonderoga pencils are known as "The World's Best Pencil" and it's true.  They last.  When I mentioned on InstaGram that I was so excited for this review, I got multiple teacher-friends comment on how these are their favorite pencils.  Another perk that I love- they come already sharpened! Amazing!

Next up- the Prang Classic Art Markers. Love. Love. Love these. They seriously don't dry out and they are perfect for teachers and all of our anchor charts! 

The Prang Large Triangular Colored Pencils are a favorite of mine. I love the triangular shape that make it not only comfortable for me when I'm coloring my anchor charts or sample projects, but the kids' love how easy they can hold onto them.  Another perk- the pack comes with it's own sharpener! 

Last up is the Prang Oval Semi-Moist Watercolors.  These are high quality water colors that have deep pans so that the colors don't easily run into one another. We are just getting into water colors at our house and I'm excited for Reagan get creative with these! 

If you are looking to load up your classroom or your child's backpack with "the good stuff", make sure you stock up on Prang and Ticonderoga products. You can find these at Walmart, Target, OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, and more. 

And because my readers are so amazing, you can get a coupon for the Prang watercolors here. Enjoy!
Thanks to Dixon Ticonderoga for sending me these products to review.
I really do love them!

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