November 6, 2012

Fall TV

As you may remember, I am a bit of a TV fanatic.
I have my breast pump set up in our bedroom as well as the Boppy pillows for when I'm home alone feeding the babies. Plus when Nick and I are doing night feedings we just do them in our bed.  And this my friends is where I have my own DVR set up. This was one of the greatest things we've done.  I can tape all my junkie fabulous TV shows in here while Reagan and Nick tape their shows out in the living room. Between all of my reality shows and the shows Nick and I have been Netflix-ing, we have seen a lot of TV. Here is my rundown of favorites:

1. Parenthood

I have been told over and over how great this show is. And I was late to hop on the bandwagon. My friend Holly lent me her DVDs of seasons 1 and 2. So good. You all were right. So now we are watching season 3 on Netflix streaming. I love how close the family is. I totally feel like a mix between the 2 blonde moms- overbearing and uptight! It's funny because the really liberal and laid back characters drive me bonkers. Plus my heart just hurts for the family with the little boy with autism. I can't even imagine.

2. Dexter Season 6

We are Dexter lovers for sure. So we were thrilled when it was our turn on Netflix to watch season 6. It was soo good! It was an interesting plot this season and left us on such a cliffhanger. Can't wait to see the next season!

3. Homeland

After this last Emmy's and I saw all the awards this show was winning, I decided we needed to give it a shot. So glad I did.  We are still in the middle of season 1 but Nick and I are loving it!

4. The Voice

I love this show. I'm slightly obsessed with Cee Low and I think the singers are amazing!

5. X Factor

I've tried this show for the first time this season. Honestly? I thought the try-outs were good but now that we are getting into the live shows I think it's pretty crappy. I think I may quit! I really only tuned in to watch my fave girl Brit. She's the only redeeming thing left.

6. RH Miami

You know I love me some housewives. And this city does not disapoint! I am loving the drama. Holy catfights! They have taken RH to a new level. Plus I'm pretty obsessed with Mama Elsa. I want to know her in real life. I swear I watched the scene of her dancing around the living room in front of Marisol like 5 times. She is amazing.

7. RH Everything Else - I loved New Jersey this season. Holy smokes. I watched the reunion shows multiple times. I have problems, I know. But it was so good. New York was also surprisingly good this season. I wasn't sure at the beginning  but boy did they turn it around! I'm super excited for Atlanta to start- love me some Phaedra! 

8. American Horror Story- Season 2
We didn't watch season 1 last year, but thought we'd give it a shot. Holy smokes this show is scary. But good. I was surprised that I like it- I'm kind of a wuss!

9. Damages- Season 4
We have loved this show from the beginning. So we were excited to watch this most recent season on Netflix. It was awesome! I love a good drama! 

10. Ellen
I love watching this show during the babies afternoon feeding. She seriously cracks me up. My favorite parts are the beginning when she does little comedy bits. Her producer who says song lyrics to random people is amazing. If you need a smile or a chuckle this show will do it!

11. Chicago Fire
I am loving this show. Not to mention Lady Gaga's bf is totally gorgeous to watch.

What shows are you watching? I know, I know. I still haven't started Pretty Little Liars or Revenge yet. Last time I did a TV blog post you all suggested those. I promise. They are on the list!


Melissa said...

Love homeland!! Another good one is the walking dead!,

Jaime Keel said...

You and Nick should definitely get into Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Both amazing-- I think SOA is right up your alley sister ;)

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my gosh- Jaime! How did I forget Sons of Anarchy? WE ARE OBSESSED! Good call! :)

Miss Nguyen's Class said...

You definitely need to start Pretty Little Liars and I also love Giuliana and Bill.

KRISTIN said...

Parenthood is our FAVORITE!!! I am totally Christina (one of the blonde moms) and Jason is totally Joel (the cute one married to Julia, the other blonde). :) Also, I've NEVER gotten through an episode without crying--it's like a challenge every week, that I fail.

Amanda said...

Sons of Anarchy is my all time favorite! I just recently started White Collar, which is on USA. Scandal on Abc is good too! Two Broke Girls is always a short 30 minute comic relief!