November 29, 2012

Our Tree Traditions

Growing up my family had many traditions when it came to our Christmas tree. On a Friday night in December we always drove to the tree lot and picked out the perfect tree.  We would come home and Daddy would saw off the bottom and get it ready to put it. My mom would get all the decorations ready while Meg and I would sing carols and be silly.  Dad would do the lights, Mom would do the garland and bows, and Meg and I would drink hot cocoa. Then it was time to put on the ornaments.  Looking at the ornaments was like taking a trip down memory lane. We had our baby ornaments, ornaments from trips, gifts, and school ornaments. 

My parents' tree

I knew that when I got married I wanted to have traditions that involved the tree as well. Unfortunately I'm too impatient to get a real Christmas tree.  So we bought a fake one years ago and we put it up right after Thanksgiving.  Nick puts the tree together and strings the lights and I do the rest. I look forward to the kids getting bigger and helping with the ornaments. Reagan and Nick put the star on the top at the end.

Our ornaments are mainly memory ornaments. 
Just like my childhood trees.

We have important occasion ornaments.

We have ornaments from each of our trips together.

(Ornaments from our trip to Boston and Kauai)

We also have ornaments from my niece and nephew. (Each year they would give the immediate family members a photo ornament of them to watch them grow on their trees.  We have continued the tradition with Reagan too. My mom is going to have a tree in her bedroom with all of these grand-kid ornaments. I think it's such a sweet idea!)

(Here is the ornament I made for the family members last year.)

We also have our yearly ornaments.  Before kids, Nick and I would each pick out a Hallmark ornament of our choice.  When Reagan came, we stopped and have allowed him to pick out a new one each year.  It is fun to look back and see what was important to each of us at the time.

 Hudson and Harper's 2012 ornament (Baby's First Christmas)

Reagan's 2012 ornament (Monster's Inc.)

I have also hung our Christmas card blessing rings on the tree as well.  It is so neat to look back and see who has sent us Christmas cards.  I have the last 3 years hung up on the tree. 

(2011 Blessings Ring)

We only have the one big Christmas tree in our home right now. In the future I'd love to have a tree in every room! I'm dreaming of a gingerbread tree in the kitchen, a glamorous tree in our bedroom, and a tree in each of the kids' rooms. - stay tuned on that one! We have many years ahead of us, so hopefully one day these will all appear! 

I'd love to hear the story of your Christmas tree!


Courtney Byrne said...

Beautiful tree! We get the girls an ornament each year. It's my favorite gift to pick out for them!

Courtney Byrne said...

Beautiful tree! We get the girls an ornament each year. It's my favorite gift to pick out for them!

LC said...

Your tree is gorgeous!!!
We have a big tree on our main floor that's all decorated matchy matchy. And our big tree downstairs is our "memory" tree. We collect ornaments from every vacation we take, a new bulldog ornament every year, and other special ornaments. I love it!

Stacy Renee said...

I love your idea of the belssing rings. I never know what to do with the cards we get. I usually end up throwing them away a few months after Christmas and I feel guilty. I'm start making blessing rings this year. Thank you!

Serena Henderson said...

I love the idea of blessing rings! I love that my mom bought my brother and I an ornament every year since our birth... when I got married and moved out, I had 22 ornaments for our first Christmas tree! Now Jarik and I buy an ornament every year together. When I put up our tree and look at all our ornaments, I am reminded of all my childhood and adult Christmas memories... such a wonderful feeling.