August 26, 2010

Thursday Quiz

I just saw this quiz on Babbling Abby and thought it was fun... so here ya go!
Outside my window.. Dark and hot...
The time is.. 8:00pm... Seems like it shouldnt be this late.. I still have so much to do tonight!
Today I feel.. like one exhausted teacher and mommy! It was such a day!! Between another heat advisory day, another biting incident in my class, a forever long lockdown which happend during my specials (so no break for me), and my baby tripping and hitting his head soooo hard on the tile- I feel a little overwhelmed!

Here is a pic of Reagan and his shiner :( Tear

I am thinking.. about how good Big Brother is this season! (We are watching it now)

At the moment, I am thankful.. for my amazing family. Simple as that!
I am going.. to have a MUCH BETTER FRIDAY! It can only get better than today!
I am wearing.. a grey tee shirt and pink pj shorts... clearly ready for bed !
I am reading.. Chasing Fire (number 2 in the hunger games series)
I am working on.. nada... should be ironing names on shirts for tomorrow's happy hour!
I am hoping.. that Reagan's goose egg goes down tonight and it doesnt look so rough tomorrow
I am hearing.. Big Brother in the background... Julie is interviewing Matt
I bet you didn't know.. that I ate a Chilie's soup and salad tonight
One of my favorite…
kids books is Skippy Jon Jones... Just read it again today so its fresh in my mind
My weekend plans include.. A work happy hour, visiting old friends, a birthday party, and hopefully some cuddles with my boys! Super excited for this weekend!!


Love, GG said...

Yay, you're all going to Zipps? See ya there! Poor Reagan's bump! At least he's still smiling!!

littledaisymay said...

Awwww poor Reagan! Hope it goes down soon! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Heather said...

Love this, so fun!! Bless Reagan's poor heart! Hope you have a great weekend!