August 1, 2010

Lady GaGa Concert!

So last night was the Lady GaGa concert. I'm not the biggest GaGa addict (or little monster as she refers to her superfans) by any means, but I do love her songs and think she is crazy- but in a good way! My mom, sister Meg, and friend Sarah all decided to go. We first went to dinner and had drinks at Majerle's downtown.

Afterwards we walked to the arena and people watched.....Oh my goodness! There were all sorts of freaky people there. First of all So You Think You Can Dance was hosting a Lady GaGa danceoff. It was so fun to watch locals dancing to her music. Then there were the most bizare (only Lady GaGa fans could pull off) costumes. Here are two my favorites.

We posed with a paper GaGa.

Can you see how I stuck out like a sore thumb? I was totally the most conservative person in the entire arena. Oops.

Then we headed up to our suite. The opening act was Semi Precious Weapons. Wow. They were insane. There were costume changes right on stage... the lead singer fully dropped his clothes.. haha. Their lyrics were hilarious though and although this band is something we would never really listen too- we loved it. With lyrics like "She's sticky with champagne, but its okay, its her birthday" and "I cant pay my rent but Im f-ing gorgeous" how could we not?

During the intermission I decided to try rocking the hair-do I saw many of the girls in the audience sporting. (Mind you- their cans were beer cans, mine diet coke!)

What do you think?

At 9:00 Lady GaGa came on. It was AMAZING. It seriously was not just a concert but a production. It was really theatrical- tons of stage changes, costume changes, acting, smoke, fire, etc. Wow. You can totally tell she puts it ALL into her shows. And you can tell she really does love her fans. Aside from the music and dancing it was a big pep rally for the fans. She told us on more than one occasion that we were "superstars and we were born that way" She told us "she would never let us down". She actually got quite political (being that she was in AZ with our SB1070 law). Anyways , she sang until 11:30! It was soooo fun!

Thanks Lady GaGa!! :)


Amber said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! I'm sure that a Lady Gaga concert would lend to some really good people watching! :)

Victoria said...

Honestly, I had SUCH A FREAKING FUN TIME!!!!! Thanks for being part of a great evening! As I said on Facebook...I showed my teeth, and bared my claws....I just may be on my way to being a Little Monster! XXXOOOO Mom