November 24, 2009

It's Not Crooked, It's Tilted

So, in preparation for the holiday season, I ordered a package from Oriental Trading.

Soon after I placed my order I receive an email telling me that the ornaments were on backworder and I would be refunded for that part. No biggie.
Today, I turn the corner to my house and see a box by my front door... like a kid on Christmas I immediately drop what I was doing and open up the box to find the following :

What on earth?

Along with the other couple of items I purchased, they have decided to pack me this awesome Santa fedora. There was a note saying they apologized for not having my item in stock but hoped this would make up for it. Most definately!

Clearly Reagan and I had to have a photo shoot.

Ugly Christmas sweater party anyone?

1 comment:

vtiepelman said...

Marty wants him to smile so we can see his gold tooth! WHAT A PLAYA!!!!! we die!