November 17, 2009

I put the PRO in procrastination

Ahh! I have less than one month until I graduate with my Masters... you would think I would spend my evenings trying to finish up my coursework... but no. I decide to create a blog, start 2 new books, and try to clear out my dvr. I just started The Gift by Cecilia Ahern (one of my faves!) and Becoming Babywise 5mo.-12mo.
Is anyone reading anything else good? I'd love to add to my list!

I'm also super excited to have caught up on my Brothers and Sisters and Nip/Tuck episodes! I've done pretty well with my dvr....but still have quite a few SYTYCD episodes.. but I cant quite get into it this season. Anyone else? Some reason reality tv has been hard for me this year- my old standbys just dont keep me interested anymore (Amazing race, Americas next top model, etc.)
Alright, enough for tonight... time to get to work! (Who am I kidding?!?)

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