February 10, 2014

Phone Photo Dump

First of all: thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the sweet comments.
I've tried to respond to each of you and I hope I haven't left anyone out! 
Because they each meant so much to me.

Anyways. Thanks for being patient with me and the 'ol blog!

Here is a big dump of photos!
Enjoy my cuties!! 

 A typical walk to the park.

The twin bond.

 Reagan and my mom court side and on TV. NBD.

Nick and Reagan on the field.

 Popcorn break.

 Bathtime shenanigans.


 I could eat him.

And them.

Zoo lights

Crazy kids

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

She's too much.

Go Devils!

Silly kids.

Beautiful Sarah!

Mom and her girls

Theta Love

Date Night


Christmas Eve Service

I die.

15 month old check up

My World

Tackle Time

Congrats Michael and Molly


Walking down memory lane

Friends since first grade! 

High School besties

Ready for the playground

Two sickies

Santa take 2

Mama's Boys

Happy Soccer Season!

The kids' new playset from Mimi and Papa

My 32nd birthday


Night Swing

Super star

Happy Birthday Charlie! 

It's a Girl!! :)

My babies!

Day at the Zoo