February 1, 2014

Santa 2013

Yes, I know... it's February 1st! (Happy February!)  But I realized I never posted a picture of the kids with Santa this year. The kids were sick with colds and not feeling too hot, plus we were running low on money- so I knew the free pictures from Bass Pro Shop was the way to go this year! 

The twins screamed bloody murder the entire time and Reagan just kind of stood there.  When Santa asked Reagan what he wanted this year, he responded in the quietest whisper -"a shellraiser".  It was pretty anti-climatic.  I was definitely happy we didn't pay for this year's picture! But I'm also glad we got it captured for posterity! 

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Rebecca said...

I love it! We did Bass Pro for Santa pics for the same reason and I was pleasantly surprised. My little girl would have nothing to do with Santa so this year's pic has momma in it!