January 1, 2014

Other Christmas Fun at School

There were so many fun holiday things going on at our school before break!
Here is a quick glimpse into the fun:

parent gifts
This year I decided to doing something a little easier for parent ornament/gifts.
We made reindeer photo ornaments and they were almost stress free!



For parent cards, the kids illustrated gingerbread house cards and wrote sweet little notes.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the wrapping/bag, but if you've read my blog for a few years, its the same snowman one I did in the past. (You can look in my history and find the pictures!)

Reindeer Run

Our school's annual "turkey trot" got cancelled this year due to the rain, so the PE coaches created the "reindeer run".  Our firsties worse reindeer hats and ran laps around the field as Christmas music played in the background. It was too cute!

After the run there was a raffle for kids to win sports balls and athletic equipment.

It ended with a cool Otter Pop treat.
Such fun!

Candy Trains

The first grade at my school has been making candy trains each December for over 15 years. This was my first candy train experience (my past first grade team always did gingerbread houses). The candy trains were very fun and the directions were on the smartboard in a step by step process.  We had a lot of parents to help the kids and they turned out super cute!

Holiday Sing Along

I was so excited for the holiday sing along! The entire school (k-6) gathers in the cafeteria in their pajamas and sings Christmas songs together.  Each grade had a specific song to solo and then there were about 6 that we sang all together.  It was precious and totally got me in the Christmas spirit! :)

Even Reagan came in his pajamas for the sing along! 
Too fun! 

It was so cute to see my little firsties in their jammies!

Christmas gifts to my kids

This year I used my bonus points from Scholastic to get the kids books for Christmas.  
My mom was awesome enough to wrap them all for me!

Christmas gifts to my kids' teachers

I got all the kids' teachers Starbucks gift cards and Reagan's teacher a personalized tumbler for her iced coffee. 

Polar Express

We started by reading the story The Polar Express and doing some work to go with it. Then the day of the PJ day, we all got our tickets to ride the Polar Express.  We watched it on our smart board and had a lot of fun together.

Earlier that morning I had put a package full of bells in the freezer.  I asked our fabulous secretary to call down into our classroom after lunch and say that there was a special package delivered for our class.  She did an awesome job and put in lots of fluff to get the kids excited.  I sent down two of my kiddos (one whom I was so happy to have sent down) to get the package.  Boy.  This little darling came back with the most elaborate story about how she saw Santa Claus, pet the reindeer, etc.  The kids were all staring at her in awe .... She sold it for me. Thank the Lord I sent her down! I think she might actually think she saw them? Who knows... I just had to laugh. 

The kids were in heaven and couldn't get over how cold the bells were (obviously- they were from the North Pole!) and how they smelled just like Santa (not sure where they got that from... but I went with it!) Anyways, it was a great way to end the day!  

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