January 2, 2014

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

This Christmas season I knew I wanted to spread some holiday cheer and help teach Reagan that Christmas means more than just presents.  I looked online and found a fantastic website.

Lil Light O Mine has compiled a TON of wonderful ideas for families to perform random acts of Christmas kindness- basically- Light Up Others with Kindness. I.Loved.It.  She posts free gift tags, notes, coloring pages, etc.  Man. There was so much. I really feel inspired to start it earlier next year so we can do even more! I seriously get lost in this woman's blog and mission! 

Here are some pictures of things Reagan and I did this season to Light Up Others with Kindness!

Donating toys to the Fireman for the Salvation Army!

And Rea Rea got to take a ride in the firetruck!

Shopping for an Angel Tree child.

Give handwarmers and Starbucks gc to the bell ringers outside of the stores.

Leave 50 cents taped to toy machines and soda machines at Walmart.

Leave a thank you note and candy for the mailman.

Deliver candy canes and wish busy shoppers a Merry Christmas.

Reagan had a BLAST doing this and although he was pretty shy at first, he really liked to find people "who needed a smile" when delivering his candy canes. 

I think this will definitely be a new family tradition!

I even took this into our classroom.
My kids had a BLAST doing a 2 weeks full of random acts of kindness!

I did a quick set-up and put each task in a bag on the board.

Day 1

Play with someone new at recess.  
Find someone who looks like they need a friend and invite them to play with you!

Day 2

Pick up trash around your school without getting any grabber (reward from office).  
Do it because it makes you feel good to make your school better.

Day 3

Give someone a compliment today.
What are they good at? What do you like about them?

Day 4

Give someone at recess a sticker and a smile today!
Choose someone who you don't normally play with.

Day 5

Make bookmarks and deliver them with candy canes to our 4th Grade Buddies classroom.

Day 6

 Drop off Christmas candy and thank you notes to our principal.  
Thank her for all of her hard work and tell her why you like our school.

Day 7

Sharpen pencils and deliver them to a special classroom.

Day 8

Give hand warmers to our crossing guard and thank her for helping get to school so safely.

Day 9

Deliver Christmas candy to our cafeteria workers and thank them for all of their hard work!

Day 10

Deliver Christmas candy to the school nurse! 

Our class had so much fun on our "kindness mission" and couldn't wait to open the bags each day.  
I just love doing this and the kids really got into it as well.


Rebecca said...

You amaze me! I barely had to to make it through the holidays! I love the ideas and am definitely going to check out the website. Maybe I can be a little more organize, I would love to do something like this with the kids! We did a few things in the classroom, but a week's worth is my goal for next year. I love the idea of the pre-planning and having them in bags in the room. Thanks


Sara said...

We did a 12 days of kindness with my 4 year old and I struggled with age appropriate ideas. I love the idea of taping money to a vending machine with a cute note.