September 2, 2013

Our 3rd Week of School

We had a fun and busy 3rd week of school.

In math we focused on seeing numbers as tens and ones.  To help visualize this we sorted Fruit Loops in groups of tens and ones and practiced counting. As you know, anytime you add food in the mix, the kids are all about it! :)

We also continued to work on tallies.  
We rolled the dice with partners and made tally marks next to our results.  
The kids loved this activity.

We worked on graphing and ended the week graphing M&Ms.
I got the graphing page from Rowdy in First Grade. Thanks girl!

In Science we started talking about scientists and science rules and expectations within our classroom.
 I loved seeing the kids' sentences about why they are scientists.

(I am a scientist because I am smart.)

(I am a scientist because I am organized).

(I am a scientist because I dream.)

We practiced using our science skills by completing our first science experiment.
I found this milk experiment here.

Our experiment didn't go quite the way I had hoped, but they had fun and felt like "real scientists" so that was good.

Our focus skill in reading this week was sequencing.  We sequences all throughout the week, but my favorite was sequencing the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  The kids orally sequenced the story and made a craft to go along with it.

I got this adorable idea from Life in First Grade. I think her Humpty Dumptys turned out way cuter, but I didn't have a lot of time to prep.. so it is what it is!

In Grammar we worked a lot with nouns.
Here are some of our anchor charts from the week.

In other news.... the kids' desks were starting to get a little crazy. So the "desk fairy" had to start making an appearance in our classroom. And let me tell you guys, it totally worked! I got the little notes from here.

Have a great week at school!
It's been a lovely 3 days off.
But I had better sign off and get to sleep. XXOO

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Rebecca said...

Looks like a lot of learning fun! I love the milk experiment! We've done it before and the kids are amazed. I love the desk fairy! I will be incorporating that.