September 11, 2013

Our 4th Week of School

Week 4 in our class was a busy one.

In reading, our focus skill was inference. 
One of the activities we did was Babbling Abby's activity- "What is in the teacher's bag".

In Science we started our 5 Senses Unit.
I found a great pack- I can Be a Scientist: 5 Senses from Teachers Pay Teachers
Thanks Little Miss Kindergarten- I loved it! 

For sight, we played the missing object game.
My projector came in really handy to show the kids all of the items first and then teach one away at a time.  The kids LOVED it.

For smell, I put various objects in little cups and the kids passed them around to smell.  After they smelled each object they had to make a guess about what it was.

I had cinnamon, pickle juice, coffee grounds, barbecue sauce, a Christmas tree Scentsy stick, and mustard. 

For hearing, I put various objects in Easter eggs and the kids had to rattle them and predict what was inside of them. Some objects I included were beans, rice, paper clips, and pennies.

For touch, I had mystery bags with various objects in each bag.  The kids had to reach in, feel around, and predict what they think was in each bag.  Items included a toy car, a soccer ball, cotton balls, tin foil, and string.

And I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of our taste test!
Oops. We had chocolate chips, pickles, pretzels, and sour skittles. Of course I think the kids liked this activity the best! 

For math we continued to learn about graphing and collecting data. 
We ended the week by graphing colored goldfish. 

The room got 2 new data walls added this week as well.
We have started our bi-weekly math timed tests for math facts.  The kids popcorn get to move up each time they get 100 % on the math facts tests.

We also added our fluency Friday board.  Each Friday after the kids take a fluency test, their bookworms move to a new book.

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