September 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Oh my word.
Another week has gone by without me blogging.
I'm sorry guys! But life has been busy and the last thing on my list tends to the computer.
Thanks for those of you who continue to stick with me! :)

Here are 5 things on my mind this week:

Nick and I became addicted to the show "The Killing" on Netflix. I think I first heard about it from Megan on Instagram.  So Nick and I tried it. And boom. We became obsessed.  We watched 1-2 every night after the kids went to bed.  It's really good. If you haven't tried it- do it! We are all caught up and just waiting for the current season to get to Netflix!

Keep the good Netflix recs coming!
I know there are 2 Nick has  lined up! Now if only I could stay awake!

I have been exhausted this week. I kept trying to convince myself it was allergies. But no. I think it's a cold. Blah. I feel like my head is going to explode!

Holy smokes. I can't believe the twins will be 1 next week.
Doesn't it seem like just yesterday was their actual "birth day"?

I seriously need to get in party planning mode.
You know me. Typically have party decor and crafts done months in advance.
Oh ya. I started teaching again and have 3 kids under 4. Everything is just sitting in a corner collecting dust. Awesome. 

Halloween is coming up! What are you guys having your kiddos dress up as? We are planning on doing a Peter Pan theme. Need to get on that as well! 

Here is a picture of the kids from last year's Halloween (Toy Story theme- the boys were Woody and Harper was Jessie). 
Just love these kids.

I'm trying to get more into reading again.
Trying to find more "me" time at the end of each day.
I just put a bunch of books on reserve at the library including : The Kitchen House, Family Pictures, and The StoryTeller.

What are you reading lately? Anything I should add to my list?


What did you guys think of the Big Brother finale? I was happy. But seriously Gina Marie made the entire episode. She is the biggest ding dong. I could listen to her ramble forever. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.


Mommy said...

We are doing a Wizard of Oz theme with our kids for Halloween this year. We do live in Kansas after all! But, it might be a good option for you in the future!

Work it Mommy said...

Oh no, I just got over a cold, its that time of year again. Throat Coat tea works wonders for an irritated throat. Get well soon!
Whitney @