October 9, 2013

The Twins 11 Month Update

Yep. The above picture pretty much sums up the twins' 11th month.
They were everywhere.
Never a dull moment with these two rascals.
Taking their 11 month pictures turned out to be pretty challenging. 
But for documenting-sake, here they are! 

Both babies had their fair share of the ickies.  They seemed to catch colds their first week in daycare and I don't think their noses stopped running all month.  Harper had an ear infection and had a difficult time adjusting to school.  She refused to nap and didn't want to eat there. 

Both babies learned to hold their bottles within the first week at daycare.  Huddy started "talking" this month- finally!  Like his sis, he mainly said "Dada" but threw out an occasional "Mama".  

Both babies really started moving.  Hudson was a turbo crawler and got such ouchies on his knees from crawing.  Hudson figured out how to to push the toy carts around the house and it quickly became his favorite toy.  He was fearless.  Harper on the other hand would pull herself up and would start to walk, and then quickly get scared and cry until you saved her.  She is so cautious.  

I really slacked on my journaling this month in their calendars so I can't recall much of what else happened this month.  I do know that I cherished my nightly snuggles with the babies.  Because of the them not feeling good, they were always wanting to be rocked to sleep in the rocking chair. And trust me. I was totally okay with this.  I missed my babies! :) 


Caroline said...

They are adorable!!!

Murdock's mama said...

How is it possible they're almost ONE?! Crazy! Hope they're feeling better now!